All Musicians Should Have a Hashtag

Here's a quick promotional tip to ALL of my artist friends. Many of you do this already, but most of you don't ;-)


-Easy way to brand yourself
-Generates hits (llikes, follows, etc.)
-Links all posts with the same hashtag together (so the more unique the hashtag is, the better. But don't make it too tricky...)


It should be short, sweet, memorable and representative of your brand. For instance, the one I use to represent my brand is ‪#‎ejbjazz‬, and I use ‪#‎ejbquintet‬ and ‪#‎thejogoproject‬ for my specific musical groups.

Now, if you go on FB, Twitter, or IG, and you search any of the tags above, you'll see a page with a whole chain of posts for each group -- because I diligently hashtag everything, thanks to my Social Media Guru (and mother) Maryam Balbed :-D

By doing this, you're essentially creating a new Social Media page that MANAGES ITSELF! All you do is not forget to hashtag your pics on every platform, which isn't too hard to get into the habit of.

That being said, the more hashtags you have on a pic, the more of those pages it will get linked to, and ultimately the more hits you will generate.

Our guinea pig will be Samuel Prather, who is going to start using the hashtag‪ #‎grooveorchestra‬ (assuming it isn't taken). Let's see what happens!

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