My Chuck Brown/JoGo Project Story 

This past week I was fortunate to talk with George Washington University student Lupita Hernandez about my experiences playing with the late, great Chuck Brown, and how that led to the creation of The JoGo Project.

  1. What inspired you to start the JoGo Project?

    I grew up in Silver Spring, one of the closest Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC. Growing up, even outside the city, you kind of always heard Go-Go music around. I sort of knew what it was because my mom grew up in DC proper and she is a…

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All Musicians Should Have a Hashtag 

Here's a quick promotional tip to ALL of my artist friends. Many of you do this already, but most of you don't ;-)


-Easy way to brand yourself
-Generates hits (llikes, follows, etc.)
-Links all posts with the same hashtag together (so the more unique the hashtag is, the better. But don't make it too tricky...)


It should be short, sweet, memorable and representative of your brand. For instance, the one I use to represent my brand is ‪#‎ejbjazz‬, and I use ‪#‎ej

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Elijah wins "Jazzies" Award for Best Tenor Saxophonist  

Elijah is proud to announce that he has won a new award from the Washington City Paper (WCP)!

In 2010, Mike J. West (WCP, Jazz Times) named Elijah "Best New Jazz Musician" in the WCP's "Best Of" edition. The following year West decided to take the jazz awards concept a step further and created the "Jazzies", which consisted of a variety of superlatives that fit DC's jazz scene. Since then it has become an annual occurance, this being its third year. This year, Elijah was given the award for Best Tenor…Read more

Elijah named Strathmore Artist in Residence! 

 Every year the Strathmore seeks out 6 musicians to be featured as their resident artists for the year. Elijah was chosen as one of the 6! The program includes workshops, jam sessions, a mentoring program, and provides information on how to develop and make the best of your craft. The program will conclude with two concerts each month between January and June, and Elijah will be featured the month of MAY, with concerts on May 14th & 28th, 2014. CLICK HERE for more information.

International Songwriter's Competition Finalist 

Elijah was selected as a finalist and Honorable Mention  in this year's International Songwriter's Competition, for the title track off of his recent album, "Checking In". The song was chosen among 15 other songs, including compositions by Rene Marie, Lionel Loueke, Gregory Porter, and other major jazz artists. To see all the winners, CLICK HERE. Scroll down to see the finalists.


The Making of a Millennial Jazz Musician 

 After a succesful review of Wayne Shorter's early music at Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery, Elijah was interviewed by Joann Stevens of the Smithsonian Institution (and the curator of Jazz Appreciation Month). The article was published on Smithsonian's online Blog "Around the Mall". CLICK HERE to see the article.


Elijah accepted into Betty Carter Jazz Ahead 

Elijah was accepted into a competitive arts development program at the Kennedy Center called the "Betty Carter Jazz Ahead" program, started in Brooklyn by the legendary vocalist Betty Carter. The program, now led by Jason Moran, focuses on workshopping and developing each other's compositions, and the students work with an all-star cast of teachers including Craig Handy, Marc Cary, and Carmen Lundy (to name a few). The program culminated in 3 concerts at the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage in March. CLICKRead more